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Mike and Frank Take the Stage

Live recordings from the Story Collider’s storytelling event featuring our winning listener and your host!

Your host, Mike Pesca.

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On The Gist, Matthew Dicks and your host record the show in the wee hours of the night, after seeing a Bruce Springsteen concert. They’ll present two stories from the Story Collider storytelling night at the Kraine Theater in New York. The first features our winning Gist listener Frank Kennedy, who tells a story of trying to connect with his autistic son. For the Spiel, Mike takes the stage to tell the story behind his big scoop at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

Special thanks this episode to Rose Eveleth, Ben Lillie, and Erin Barker for organizing and recording a wonderful night of stories. They have shows coming up Feb. 16 and March 15 in Brooklyn, and one on March 17 in London.

Matthew Dicks is the author of The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs. You can listen back to all the past appearances in our storytelling series here on Soundcloud.

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