The Angle

The Angle: It’s an Honer Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Thursday night’s debate, Trump’s bad spelling day on Twitter, and Sunday’s Oscars. 

Donald Trump fared better at last night’s debate than he would have at this spelling match, pictured in a stereoscope from 1885. 

New York Public Library/Wikimedia Commons

Debate angles! Get your debate angles here.

The Oscars are coming up on Sunday, and we’ve posted our last “Best Case for Best Picture” video: editor-in-chief Julia Turner making the case for The Martian. It’s a true tour de force. Also: read J. Bryan Lowder on the Best Original Score nominees, or catch up on the rest of Slate’s Oscars coverage

For fun: Browse the hundreds of historical documents we’ve written about on Slate’s the Vault blog, now available in timeline form

Get at it (the weekend, I mean), 


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