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The Super Bowl’s Not Over Until Peyton Manning Kisses Papa John, Shills for Budweiser

Peyton Manning just had one of the nights of his life Sunday. Potentially in the top five, somewhere in the mix of getting married, the birth of his two kids, and presumably his previous Super Bowl win? We’ll never know exactly where tonight’s performance ranks on the Manning all-time list (unless he tells us), but we can make a few inferences by his post-game celebration. In the immediate jubilant aftermath of the game, Manning leaned in to kiss—Papa John? Yes, founder and owner of the pizza chain, John Schnatter, was on the sideline.


Just to recap, here are Manning’s priorities as expressed through post-game kiss preference:

(1) Papa John

(2) wife

(3) kids

(3a) Budweiser

Peyton Manning’s life through product placement.