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Final Armed Oregon Holdout’s Concerns Included Abortion, Marijuana, UFOs

Members of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Department in Burns, Oregon, near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Jan. 31.

Jim Urquhart/Reuters

David Fry, the final holdout in the armed occupation of Oregon’s Malheur Wildlife Refuge, has surrendered to the FBI without incident. Fry only turned himself in, though, after a protracted phone conversation with other anti-government “patriot” types that one of them broadcast on a live-feed; this public conversation (and a similar one held the night before with the three other holdouts who surrendered Thursday morning) provided some insight into Fry’s set of beliefs and interests.

Some involved fairly typical far-right-wing stuff:

Others less so:

Here’s an earlier comment that’s a little odd given that Fry was involved in armed protest against the concept of public preservation: 


Then there was this:

And this:


And so that’s the guy that hundreds (I’m guessing) of law enforcement officials were waiting for because he refused to end the armed occupation of a bird sanctuary. USA! 

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