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Denver Broncos Defense Strips Cam Newton for First Touchdown of Super Bowl 50

Given the hype surrounding Wade Phillips’ Denver Broncos defense coming into the Super Bowl, it makes sense they scored the first touchdown of the game. Midway through the first quarter, with the Carolina Panthers struggling to get anything going offensively, Broncos linebacker Von Miller blew by the Panthers line and stripped Newton. Malik Jackson recovered in the end zone.

Cam Newton and Von Miller have a bit of history—the pair were drafted first and second in the 2011 draft. This is first time the two top picks in the draft have faced off in a Super Bowl. “I thought at that time I could be No. 1, but (Carolina) didn’t see that way, they took Cam Newton and they won a lot of games,” Miller told ESPN this week. Carolina surely still takes Newton, who won his first MVP this season, but a bit of sweet draft day payback for Miller.