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Watch Thursday’s PBS Democratic Debate Live

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will meet tonight for the first debate since Sanders won the New Hampshire primary by a historic margin, and likely last before Clinton has the chance to rebound in Nevada and South Carolina later this month. Bernie and Hillary will step on the PBS stage at around 9 p.m. ET, and you can watch all of the action on the live-stream above.

The candidates will want to hit their usual marks, while also reworking their respective messages to reflect both the results of the first two nominating contests and the reality that Nevada’s caucusgoers and South Carolina’s primary voters tend to be far more racially diverse than those in Iowa and New Hampshire. Expect Sanders and Clinton to show up in Wisconsin prepared to talk more about immigration, police reform, and other issues that are particularly important to the Hispanic and black voters they now need. Hillary will start with the advantage. The question is whether she can keep it.

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