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Here’s Donald Trump’s Ridiculous First TV Ad

Donald Trump TV ad
The ban will last “until we can figure out what’s going on,” the narrator says.

Screenshot/Trump campaign

It’s grimly amusing when Donald Trump announces that part of his plan (“plan”) for defeating ISIS is to “take their oil” (also sometimes formulated as “take the oil“). Given that Trump’s plan does not involve U.S. ground troops in Syria, how is Syrian oil going to be secured and transported for our exclusive sovereign benefit? And how will there be anything to “take” in the first place when Trump also says he is going to destroy “every single inch” of the region’s oil production apparatus with airstrikes? Who cares, I guess! Anyway, it turns out it’s even more weird/amusing/surreal/dystopian/despair-inducing to hear this embarrassingly dumb/belligerent quasi-proposal (and Trump’s other positions, e.g. “MUSLIMS BAD, NO MUSLIMS”) stated by a Serious Grave Political Voice-Over Guy, as they are in the first Trump TV ad, released Monday:

Trump says that the ad will air in Iowa and New Hampshire and that it’s the first of several to come, telling the Washington Post that a total of “six to eight” spots are in production under the supervision of “somebody who’s respected very much, somebody’s who’s had a good record of ads.”

The Iowa caucus is Feb. 1. #TakeTheOil!

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