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Steph Curry Will Soon Be Making Full-Court Shots. Watch This.

Steph Curry Steph Curry’d again on Friday night, dropping 39 points to go along with his second triple double of the season during the Golden State Warriors’$2 122-110 victory over the Indiana Pacers. As usual, though, Steph’s ridiculous stat line only tells part of the story. The reigning MVP also gave us a few more entries into the Curry canon of the absurd, including a pair of half-courters that somehow looked effortless from the league’s current scoring leader.

The first didn’t show up in the box score or on the scoreboard since it left the sharpshooter’s hands a fraction of a second after the first-quarter buzzer sounded, but it was the more impressive of the two given it came from only a few steps above the opposite three-point line:

Steph didn’t make the same mistake at the end of the half. After receiving the ball near his own baseline with about four seconds left on the clock, Curry covered nearly half of the court in two dribbles before pulling up to shoot with both feet behind the mid-line and a hand in his face:

The ball banks in, which loses Steph a few style points. But at this point, the man’s earned the benefit of the doubt. After all, he has quite the track record with these things. (The bank, though, is just enough to keep this bomb from earning a spot in the Steph Curry Spiciness Index’s running top five.)