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Hot Mess Flakes on Promised Appearance With Dumpster Fire

Donald Trump in Norwalk, Iowa, on Jan. 20, 2016, sans Palin.

Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters

Tuesday, Alaskan stateswoman Sarah Palin announced that she is supporting Donald Trump’s campaign for president in a development that Slate described as a hot mess endorsing a dumpster fire. Trump’s campaign subsequently said that “a very special guest” would appear with the candidate in Norwalk, Iowa, on Wednesday morning; tickets for the event were labeled “Donald J. Trump Town Hall in Norwalk, IA — With Special Guest.” A Trump press release, referencing the Norwalk rally and a later appearance planned in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said that “Palin will travel … to both events on Wednesday.”

Well, Trump appeared in Norwalk on Wednesday morning, but neither Palin nor any other special guest showed up on stage with him. A Trump spokeswoman had a creative interpretation of how this fact squares with the campaign’s assertion that Palin would be present:

Oh, OK.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, cites another Trump operative who says Palin is already in Oklahoma

This is fun! This is going to be fun.