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Missing Kinkajou Found Sleeping on Elderly Florida Woman

A kinkajou in its native, non-elderly-woman habitat.

Tom Brakefield/Thinkstock

You know how sometimes you’re like half-asleep, but then you imagine something in your semi-dreamspace that jolts you awake? That happened a few days ago to a 99-year-old Florida woman who imagined that there was an exotic rain forest mammal sleeping on top of her, except that then when she woke up there was actually an exotic rain forest mammal sleeping on top of her. From a local ABC affiliate:

“This 99-year-old woman is sound asleep, she feels something, she wakes up and this kinkajou—this furry, big animal—is curled up asleep on her chest,” Dr. Don Harris of South Dade Animal Hospital said.

Harris said the woman and animal were both startled, and the kinkajou eventually made its way to the attic.

The offending kinkajou was ultimately captured and taken to a veterinarian, where it will reportedly be retrieved by the anonymous individual who keeps it as a pet.