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Best Lines of the Fox Business Debate

Seven men stood on the debate stage Thursday night in South Carolina, but only one will be the GOP nominee. Let us hope it is the one with the best zingers. Here’s a running list:

Chris Christie on Obama’s State of the Union:

Tuesday night I watched story time with Barack Obama.

Ben Carson on the terrorist threat:

We have enemies who are obtaining nuclear weapons that they can explode in our exo-atmosphere and destroy our electric grid.


Ted Cruz on why Trump is pushing birther theories that question Cruz’s eligibility to run for president:

Since September, the constitution hasn’t changed. But the poll numbers have.

Cruz on Trump’s assertion that Cruz will, in the end, not be allowed to be president.

I’ll tell you what. If this all works out I’m happy to consider naming you as vp and so if you happen to be right, you could get the top job at end of the day.


Trump, asked if there are any gun regulations he would support:

No. I am a Second Amendment person.

Cruz on what he’s talking about when he criticizes Trump’s hometown:

I think most people know exactly what New York values are.


Trump on the New York Times reporting that he favored a 45% tariff on Chinese exports to the U.S.:

It’s the New York Times. They’re always wrong.

Jeb Bush, not overselling it: 

My name was mentioned. 

Carson, just daydreaming a bit:

If my mother were secretary of treasury we would not be in a deficit situation.

Rubio to Cruz, after Cruz accuses him of “dumping” his “oppo research folder on the debate.”

No, it’s your record.

John Kasich, closing statement, bringing it home:

All of my career, you know, having been raised in a, by a mailman father whose father was a coal miner who died of black lung and losing eye sight or a mother whose mother barely spoke English. All of my career I thought about giving voice to the people who elected me.

Cruz, closing statement, also bringing it home:

Tomorrow morning, a new movie will debut.

Trump, closing statement, finally, bringing it home:

We will win on everything we do.  

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