The Slatest

Watch Lindsey Graham Suffer Through the Undercard Debate

Lindsey Graham feels things. He’s got a big, sappy heart that just wants to bring back the surge and put down a few bourbons at his dad’s old bar. And, yeah, be Commander-in-Chief. The good Senator from South Carolina tends to wear those emotions proudly on that sad, rosy-cheeked face of his. Tuesday night’s undercard Republican debate was no exception. In between dropping some Princess Bride knowledge, and laying out the blueprint for prolonged American intervention in the Middle East, Graham’s face was essentially a slot machine of pure-gold. In addition to the anguished looks, anytime Rick Santorum or Mike Huckabee said something remotely less bellicose than Graham’s “let’s invade Syria now” position, there was some exceptional eye rolling. The video above is the “emotional Lindsey Graham suffers through the undercard debate” supercut you never knew you needed, but always deserved.