The Slatest

Mike Tyson Rides Hoverboard, Falls Down, Goes Boom

The champ, Mike Tyson, looking confident early in the bout with the challenger, hoverboard.


Former heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson was knocked out mere seconds into his bout with a hoverboard. One of the biggest upsets of Tyson’s career, the match recalled his 10th round KO to 42–1 underdog Buster Douglas in 1990.

The champ, also known as “Kid Dynamite,” looked cocky and at ease in the early going, laughing at—and almost toying with—his opponent, who also goes by CyBoard, “the original self balancing ScooterCyboard.” Perhaps that confidence got the better of him, as Tyson leaned too far in on the challenger and took a shot that sent him flat on his back. The pair are yet to book a rematch, but at this point it wouldn’t be surprising if the hoverboard were the favorite in any new bout.