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Hillary Clinton Apparently Has a Great Passion for the Hot Sauce

Hillary Clinton hot sauce
Hillary Clinton and her best friend.

Photo illustration: Shutterstock and Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for AOL 

Buried in the middle of a sentence in an Associated Press story about presidential candidates’ campaign diets is an important and surprising fact: Hillary Clinton is a fiend for the hot sauce.

It’s in a section about her time in the White House as First Lady and low-fat diets and protein and other boring nutrition things:

Many of their meals centered on fish and vegetables. Clinton favored hummus, had a collection of more than 100 hot sauces and a weakness for mocha cake and Dove ice cream bars — a favorite of daughter Chelsea.


She loves the hot sauce!

Also the hot peppers:

At a farm stand in Davenport, Iowa, this fall, Clinton detailed scientific research on the health effects of spicy food, telling a cashier that she finds eating raw jalapenos “so refreshing.”

This predilection for la comida muy picante has actually been reported on before, it turns out. From a 2012 Wall Street Journal piece about her tenure as Secretary of State:

In her Air Force plane, which stocks fruit, almonds and Tabasco sauce, which she dribbles on nearly all foods, including salads, she slept on a foldout sofa in a private cabin.

I don’t know why, but I feel like learning about this changes the whole dynamic of the election and that Clinton’s zeal for peppers should be highlighted in every one of her 2016 ads.