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Trump Fan Condemns “Pussification” of America While Enjoying Bottled Water, Fruit Plate

Artist’s rendering of what things used to be like in this country.

Dan Bilzerian is the son of a wealthy Florida businessman (a businessman who was convicted of felony stock fraud) who plays high-stakes poker and has amassed a significant online following by posting pictures of himself driving expensive cars, shooting guns, and being around naked women. Not surprisingly, Bilzerian seems to be a fan of Donald Trump, who also enjoys reminding the peasantry how much money he has (lots). The pair met Tuesday in Las Vegas; here’s the result:

It seems that genital-related character analysis is having a moment in certain right-wing circles; Fox News commentator Ralph Peters was just suspended for calling President Obama a “pussy” on air, while earlier this year the network’s Charles Gasparino complained about “pussification” in a Web segment.

The opposite of being pussified, obviously, is posting a picture on social media of the time you drank Fiji water and ate figs in a luxury suite with your friend who also inherited a lot of money from his parents.