Podcast for America

Avoiding the Doo-Doo Smears

Discussing poisonous language, the Colorado Springs shooting, and GOP candidates.

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Podcast for America is your inside look at the lamentable pageantry that is a presidential campaign cycle. Your hosts are Annie Lowrey of New York magazine, Alex Wagner of MSNBC, and Mark Leibovich, national correspondent for New York Times Magazine.

This week, New York magazine’s Rebecca Traister joins the show to talk about how GOP presidential candidates’ language may have contributed to a poisonous atmosphere before the shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and how Democrats have come out swinging about abortion rights.

Then, it’s Trump time yet again: We recount Donald Trump’s latest outrageous claims and insults but fail to issue the apology he’s requested from the media.

And we catch up with Sen. Ted Cruz, who, while on the campaign trail, is telling Americans about his favorite scenes from The Princess Bride. No, really.

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