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Best Lines of the Democratic Debate

The Democratic candidates at the ABC debate.  

Andrew Burton

There are undoubtedly better zingers and hotter quotes being flung around elsewhere on this holiday-season Saturday night. But here are the best ones from the third Democratic debate.

Martin O’Malley on why he should be president:

I looked into the eyes of Boy Scouts.

Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton about his campaign looking at her campaign’s information after a data breach:

Yes, I apologize.

Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry:

He is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter.  

Sanders on how he would get Middle Eastern countries to lead the fight against ISIS:

Tell Qatar, instead of spending $200 billion on the World Cup, maybe they should pay attention to ISIS, which is on their doorstep.

O’Malley, 52, on the question of regime change in Syria, responding to Sanders, 74:

May I offer a different generation’s perspective on this.

Clinton on why she’d like to speak, after O’Malley:

Since he has been making all kinds of, um, comments.

Clinton, walking back onto the stage post-commercial break after the debate had already begun:


Clinton, responding to moderator David Muir’s question, “Should corporate America love Hillary Clinton?”

Everybody should!

Clinton, responding to O’Malley’s attack on her for not having the “backbone to take on Wall Street” that he has had:

When Governor O’Malley was heading the Democratic Governors Association, he had no trouble at all going to Wall Street to raise money to run campaigns for Democratic governors. And he also had no trouble appointing an investment banker to be in charge of his consumer protection bureau when he was governor.

Sanders on how to address the heroin crisis:

We need to understand that addiction is a disease and not a criminal activity.

O’Malley on the heroin problem (and, really, his answer to every question):

I actually know a great deal about this issue.

Clinton, closing out the night:

Thank you, good night, and may the force be with you.  

This post will be updated throughout the debate.  

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