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Poll Says Republicans Are Even Less Fond of Republican Congress Than Democrats Are

Wisconsin Republican representative and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan at the U.S. Capitol on Nov. 5, 2015.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Well, this is strange:

Republicans (8%) are slightly less likely to approve of the job Congress is doing than either independents (13%) or Democrats (11%), even though Republicans have majority control of both houses.

That’s from Gallup’s writeup of a new poll that found that Congress’ overall disapproval rating is at 86 percent, tied for the highest such mark Gallup has ever measured in the 41 years it’s been tracking the issue.

Republican approval for Congress has fallen sharply since February, when it registered at 27 percent. Gallup suggests that the drop could be attributed to a number of Republican legislative failures (or, at least, nonvictories): Despite controlling both houses the GOP has been unable to work around Democratic opposition to approve the Keystone pipeline, repeal Obamacare, block the Iran nuclear deal, or revoke Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. Speaker and Ohio Republican John Boehner, of course, decided in September to resign his position and was recently replaced by Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan after a period during which it seemed like no Republican legislator who wanted to succeed Boehner had enough support to do so it and vice-versa.