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Debate Crowd Boos Trump for Complaining That Carly Fiorina Is Interrupting Too Much

Donald Trump
Donald Trump speaks at the GOP debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nov. 10, 2015.

Photo by Darren Hauck/Reuters

Earlier this year Donald Trump got a lot of bad press by pursuing a fight with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly during which he appeared to imply that she had asked him difficult questions during an Aug. 6 debate because she was menstruating. Though it did not appear to cause any short-term damage to his polls in terms of the number of people who say they plan to vote for him, the incident may have contributed to his relatively high unfavorability rating among Republicans; in other words, there are a relatively high number of primary voters who don’t like him and would probably not vote for him even if/when other candidates drop out. (He’s also got a high unfavorability rating among Americans as a whole, which would obviously hurt him in a general election.) And at Tuesday’s Fox Business Network debate in Milwaukee, his comment that Carly Fiorina (the only woman on the stage) was interrupting too much (“Why does she keep interrupting everybody?”) was not well-received by the crowd:

For what it’s worth, it did not particularly seem like Fiorina was interrupting other candidates any more than anyone else onstage. (Update, 12:09 a.m.: FiveThirtyEight confirms it—Fiorina only interrupted other candidates five times, which is fewer interruptions than all but two other candidates, and fewer interruptions than Trump.)