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Fox News “Expert” With Plan to Destroy ISIS in Single Week Indicted for Allegedly Being Huge Liar

Wayne Simmons Fox News recurring guest
Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, left, and recurring guest Wayne Simmons on the May 2, 2013, edition of Your World With Neil Cavuto.

Screenshot via Fox News

Much liberal schadenfreude was had Thursday as Wayne Simmons, a frequent Fox News guest who identified himself as a CIA veteran and national security insider—and who really, really did not like President Barack Hussein Obungler—was arrested and charged with a heap of crimes for allegedly being an ex-con who is completely full of crap. From a Department of Justice press release:

Simmons falsely claimed he worked as an “Outside Paramilitary Special Operations Officer” for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from 1973 to 2000, and used that false claim in an attempt to obtain government security clearances and work as a defense contractor, including at one point successfully getting deployed overseas as an intelligence advisor to senior military personnel.  According to the indictment, Simmons also falsely claimed on national security forms that his prior arrests and criminal convictions were directly related to his supposed intelligence work for the CIA, and that he had previously held a top secret security clearance.  The indictment also alleges that Simmons defrauded an individual victim out of approximately $125,000 in connection with a bogus real estate investment.

A Nexis search of Fox News transcripts turns up a robust 76 appearances by Simmons on various Fox News programs dating back to 2003, the most recent of which was a March 17 spot on Your World With Neil Cavuto in which Simmons appeared to imply that Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett is running the country and said everyone in ISIS could easily be killed in a week if we just ran enough “sorties.”

Valerie Jarrett, who many of us believe is running the White House, clearly has no idea what she is doing. Sadly, we have the—we have the capability. We could end this in a week. And that’s not an exaggeration. That’s not hyperbole.

We could run a number of sorties, thousands of sorties, locate, identify and designate absolutely decimate ISIS, ISIL, I.S., whatever you want to call them. They would all be dead.

And it is so hopeless. It is so sad. Many of us … we’re just so disillusioned. And we have had enough. We don’t know what to do. We don’t know if we can make to it the next election. And hopefully we get someone in that has the—the determination to destroy ISIS.

As Mother Jones reported, Simmons also once claimed that there are “at least 19 paramilitary Muslim training facilities” in the United States, and he participated enthusiastically in the networkwide meltdown over the mythical concept of European “no-go zones” in which authority was ceded completely to Muslims:

Until [Europeans] get rid of those no-go zones—you go in and you [put] razor wires around those no-go zones, you turn off the water, and then as they come out, you catalogue them.

And that is how you close these no-go zones.

Unfortunately, it seems that Simmons’ plans to eliminate ISIS and close the no-go zones will have to be put on hold.