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Watch Hillary Clinton Mock Trump (and Herself) on SNL

Hillary Clinton plays Val, a Trump-imitating bartender, on SNL.


Hillary Clinton made a guest appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, where she starred in a skit that featured show regular Kate McKinnon playing the Democratic front-runner. Clinton played the role of Val, a bartender serving a downtrodden candidate. “I’m just an ordinary citizen who believes the Keystone pipeline will destroy our environment,” Val says by way of introduction.

“I’m just so darn bummed,” McKinnon says in the setup of one of the funniest bits of the skit. “All anybody wants to talk about is Donald Trump.” Clinton dismisses Trump, puts on a throaty voice and says: “Uh, you’re all losers.” It looked like McKinnon had to work hard to keep it together. “I want to be the one to take him down,” McKinnon said as Clinton. “I will destroy him and I will mount his hair in the Oval Office.”

The skit then goes on to mock how slow Clinton was to express opposition to the Keystone pipeline and how long she took to support marriage equality. “I could have supported it earlier,” McKinnon said. “Fair point,” Clinton conceded.

“I wish you could be president,” McKinnon says near the end of the skit. “Me too,” Clinton replies.