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Shooter Opens Fire at Crowded Florida ZombieCon Festival Killing One

A gathering in Fort Myers, Florida, called ZombieCon, turned deadly on Saturday night as someone opened fire at a crowded Zombie-themed event just before midnight, killing one and injuring four others. The shooter was still at large as of Sunday morning and local police are asking for pictures and videos taken at the event, expected to draw some 20,000 people, many dressed as zombies, to try to identify the shooter.

Here’s more from Fort Myers’ WZVN on what happened at the scene of the shooting:

Thousands were filling the streets for the city’s annual Zombicon Fest when witnesses say they heard eight to ten pops. Many immediately recognized it as gunfire and went running in every direction.  Crows of people were running in fear, not knowing what happened. “We didn’t know if it was real of fake. We ran, then we were like wait…was that real?” said Haley Delmonte of Naples. “I just really didn’t believe it because I thought it was part of what happened tonight,” said Bronson Robinson of Cape Coral. Authorities quickly evacuated people from buildings near the scene and block off the street. 

The injuries of the four hurt during the shooting are not considered life-threatening.