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Excellent Viral Story Involves a “Garbage Fire” and “a Van Loaded With Ammunition”

Stock photo of a van on fire.

One question that did not come up at Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential primary debate is what you should do when you’re in the middle of a field burning a pile of garbage, but the fire gets a little out of control and you need to put it out, but the only item that you have on hand is your van, which is filled with ammunition. A man in Clay County, Missouri, however, faced that conundrum on Tuesday, and the solution he came up with was nonoptimal. From the Kansas City Star:

In an attempt to put the fire out, he drove his van back and forth over the flames.

This made matters worse, as the tires of the van caught fire. Realizing that the van was loaded with firearms ammunition and a full tank of gas, the driver evacuated the area for safety.

When a police officer showed up to see what the deal was with the flaming van in the middle of a field, he “he heard the sound of live ammunition going off.”

That’ll happen. That will happen.

You really need to click through to the Kansas City Star’s site to see the picture of the burned-out ammunition van in the middle of the field. It’s really something.