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Out-of-Control NCAA Lunatics Want to Move March Madness to April

New Coke was introduced in 1985 and nearly caused the collapse of human civilization.

Image courtesy Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

It appears that some NCAA basketball types have lost their minds and decided that the sport should push its start date back and play its season-ending “March Madness” tournament in April instead of March. From a San Jose Mercury News piece that quotes NCAA vice president for men’s basketball Dan Gavitt:

The idea of making college basketball a one-semester sport, of playing from mid-December until early May, is, if not a hot topic, then at least a warm one.

“There’s definitely a portion of the membership that thinks it’s worthy of consideration,’’ Gavitt said. ‘There are merits on a lot of levels.’’

Gavitt isn’t the only NCAA official to have acknowledged the ghastly idea, the purpose of which would be to prevent the beginning of the basketball season from being overshadowed by college football. But I hope he will be the last. It’s very simple—March Madness works because “March” and “Madness” both start with the same letter, the letter “M.” It can’t be called April Madness because “April” doesn’t start with an “M.”

Let us never speak of this nightmare again.