Political Gabfest

The “11 Hours and She Didn’t Flinch” Edition

Listen to Slate’s show about Hillary Clinton testifying on Benghazi, Jeb Bush fighting with Donald Trump over George W. Bush, and disquieting claims about the dire state of the Democratic Party.

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On this week’s Slate Political Gabfest, Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss Hillary Clinton’s commanding performance before the House Benghazi Committee and what it means for the 2016 election, Jeb Bush’s continuing fight with Donald Trump over George W. Bush and whether it can revive his faltering campaign, and the disquieting claims about the dire state of the Democratic Party and whether Democrats can rebound from their historic losses at the state and local level.

Here are some of the links and references mentioned during this week’s show:

Emily chatters about how more than 130 police chiefs, prosecutors, and sheriffs are adding their clout to the movement to reduce the nation’s incarceration rate.

John chatters about nine learnings from nine years of Brain Pickings.

David chatters about how there are more nuns over the age of 90 than under the age of 60.

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