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Jeb Bush Says Supergirl Is His Favorite Superhero Because “She Looked Pretty Hot”

Sometimes it’s not totally clear Jeb Bush wants to be president. Saying the right thing at the right time hasn’t always been Bush’s specialty, making him a rare breed of Biden-esque politician who manages to rise (almost) to the top while consistently saying things out loud that probably shouldn’t be said out loud. On Wednesday, Bush wandered into a verbal minefield at a campaign stop in Nevada.

During the event, Bush touched on immigration reform and education, but the Las Vegas Sun notes “it was an unscripted moment that drew the biggest reaction from the crowd.” That’s usually a sign of trouble for Bush. The Sun: “Asked who his favorite superhero was, Bush replied, ‘I saw an ad for Supergirl when I was working out this morning…’” So far so good for Bush. A modern, with-it take on a pretty run of the mill question appears to be in the works. Supergirl, after all, premiers on CBS next week! And with a young female lead who, as the New York Times review puts it, “leaps tall buildings while leaning in,” what a great opportunity for Bush to show he is aware of the other half of the American electorate.

So, which of Supergirl’s many scripted gifts prompted Bush to designate her his favorite superhero?

“She looked pretty hot,” Bush said.