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Jeb Bush Makes Most Nonsensical Claim Yet About His Brother and 9/11

Jeb Bush in Greenville, South Carolina on Sept. 18.

Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images

When Donald Trump insulted George W. Bush’s presidency during the Sept. 16 Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Library, Jeb Bush made the odd statement that 9/11 demonstrated that his brother had “kept us safe.” The Jeb campaign then emphasized the claim in a tweet, juxtaposing the phrase “kept us safe” with an image of 9/11 rubble, i.e. a visual symbol of the deadliest foreign attack ever carried out against Americans on home soil.

The issue receded for a few weeks, but this morning on Bloomberg TV Donald Trump made the (factual) statement that 9/11 happened during the George W. Bush Administration, and Jeb pounced:

This is entering the realm of the surreal. He’s now putting the words attacked and kept us safe in the same sentence! Jeb Bush is one step away from citing 9/11 as evidence that George W. Bush prevented 9/11.

Jeb, what are you talking about?