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Here’s the Tired/Amused Hillary Facial Expression That Summarizes the Benghazi Hearing

Hillary Clinton is on Capitol Hill today testifying in front of the House’s Benghazi committee; you can read Slate Hillary-Benghazi expert Josh Voorhees’ running blog of the proceedings here. (And his thorough guide to the entire situation here.) The going has been occasionally contentious and spirited, but for the most part somewhat predictable, with the committee’s Republicans assailing Clinton’s handling of the Libyan security situation and confronting her with what they see as evidence of her untrustworthiness; Clinton has expressed remorse about the death of Americans abroad but otherwise responded to provocative questions with a resigned calm.

All of which is basically captured in Clinton’s five-second reaction, above, to a question from Ohio’s Jim Jordan about initial suggestions that the attack on the U.S.’s Libyan mission had been triggered by the dissemination of a Florida pastor’s anti-Muslim propaganda video.

And here’s the GIF of that moment that you were going to make anyway, you monsters.

Benghazi Hillary Deal With It

Aymann Ismail/Slate

The first of the hearing’s four questioning segments took more than three hours. So much more of this to come!