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Watch Hillary Clinton on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Hillary Clinton made a stop at what she called “the cathedral of Colbert” on Tuesday night. During Clinton’s first appearance on the new Colbert show, Clinton divulged vital secrets like which shows she likes to binge watch. She and husband Bill Clinton are all caught up on Netflix’s House of Cards, but she’s still working her way through CBS’ Madame Secretary and The Good Wife—an answer that happened to be particularly on message for Colbert’s new home at CBS. Colbert failed at getting the Democratic frontrunner, born in Chicago, to divulge which style of pizza she prefers—Chicago or New York-style.

Clinton also touched on more serous topics like the state of the middle class in America, regulating Wall Street and whether or not Clinton, as president, would let the big banks fail (yes), and whether she would prefer to run against Ben Carson or Donald Trump on the Republican side (no comment). The appearance comes after a successful couple of weeks for Clinton, buoyed by a strong performance in the first Democratic debate, the decision by Joe Biden not to enter the race, and generally positive reviews of her performance during the Benghazi hearings.