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French TV Station Promotes Gender Equality (Its Own) With Absurdly Sexist Ad Campaign

Oy vey. Preemptive moral of the story: Taking a victory lap for doing something you should be doing already is never a great idea. Why not? Enter French public broadcaster France 3 and its recent advertisement highlighting that the station employs more female anchors than male. While on-air talent may not be the pinnacle of gender equality in the workplace, it’s certainly not nothing. So France 3 thought it would promote itself with this ad campaign:

The gist of the ad is pretty straightforward. But if your French is a bit rusty here’s the Guardian with the takeway:

As the camera pans around this domestic apocalypse, a famous 1970s French pop song croons: “Where are the women?” Then, as a shot shows a wardrobe full of neatly stacked shoes, a message appears on screen telling us that all the women “are on France 3” where “the majority of our presenters” are female.


“The idea behind the ad—that professional women are neglecting their household duties—‘does not seem like a good way to promote professional equality’, tweeted France’s women’s minister, Pascale Boistard,” the BBC reports. “Boistard mentioned the new head of France 3, Delphine Ernotte, by name… the company’s first female chief, apologized for the ad, saying she had not seen it ahead of its release, and ordered it to be pulled.”