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Milwaukee Sheriff Predicts Alliance Between Black Lives Matter, ISIS Will Destroy America

Milwaukee County sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. at a National Rifle Association event in Nashville on April 10, 2015.

Harrison McClary/Reuters

David A. Clarke Jr., the sheriff of Milwaukee County, has a history of making interesting statements about guns and other things. Today he used the popular social media service Twitter to share his opinions about Black Lives Matter protesters.

(Get it? Black Lies Matter?)

But, twist! Clarke is not an aging, archconservative white supremacist but in fact a black man who runs on the Democratic ballot.

Truly, it was Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream that one day we would have a nation in which both white and black citizens could be reactionary paranoiacs with deeply weird opinions about the potential for collaboration between a secular American civil liberties movement founded and promoted in large part by women and an oppressively misogynist Islamist terror army that controls a small bit of land on the other side of the world. Thanks, Obama!