The CNN Democratic Debate in 90 Seconds

More socialism, less Trump.

Miss Tuesday’s Democratic debate? In the above recap video, we’ve trimmed the fat from the Anderson Cooper-moderated debate down to a much more manageable 90 seconds. 

Given her heavy front-runner status—and the lack of real opposition or a more taxing debate schedule—Hillary Clinton needed only to be solid to remain in the lead, but instead she turned in one of the best debate performances of her political career (plus: a bathroom joke!). To her left and right, Bernie Sanders played his role of crotchety, insurgent socialist admirably, while Martin O’Malley looked good in his suit (and on guns), and Lincoln Chafee was understandably geeked just to be on TV. 

Oh, and if you think we forgot about Jim Webb, I can assure you we definitely did not. His performance will live in our memories forever. Just like a certain Vietnam kill and the other candidates’ response times are seared into his.