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CNBC Debate Scroll Features Numerous Tweets About CNBC Being Bad

Comedian Patton Oswalt comments on CNBC’s debate coverage.


As is common these days, CNBC’s broadcast of the Republican debate Wednesday night in Boulder, Colorado, highlighted various Twitter comments, from both pundits and average Joes, about the proceedings. Said tweets appeared on a scroll along the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately for CNBC, many people watching and tweeting agreed with the candidates that CNBC did a poor job hosting the debate, and whether by design or not, many of these critical remarks made it on to the network itself.

Among those that were shown:

(Weigel was pointing out, accurately, that CNBC’s moderators called Donald Trump’s tax plan unrealistic while one of its most prominent commentators says it’s great.)

I think that one played at least three times.

More on that moment here.

There seemed to be a prevalent sense that CNBC had lost control of the debate on a practical level.

Again, all of these tweets appeared on CNBC.

And then there was … this.

TOO MANY HANDS DOING HAND THINGS! It was a rough night for CNBC, but perhaps, apparently, a good night for hands.