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This Is a Good Way to Protest Donald Trump

Protesters were on the scene outside Trump Tower in New York Thursday as Donald Trump agreed to rule out a third-party run by signing a Republican loyalty pledge. The big news from the protest is that a security guard hit one of the protesters after the protester grabbed him while reaching for a sign the guard had taken. I’d like to focus here on the content of the sign that was taken, though, because it’s funny.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

(“Make America great again” is the theme of Trump’s campaign, expressed most prominently via his trademark hats.)

There’s also this, from the Washington Post:

One held a sign with a picture of a Native American in tribal regalia — caption: “This is a real Native American” — next to a picture of Trump that read “This is a real f—king immigrant” and “Go back to Europe!”  

That guy has a point—Trump’s grandfather is from Germany and his mother is from Scotland. Why do Germany and Scotland think they can get away with sending us these people, these Trumps? Take America back for Americans!