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What Michael Did on His Summer Vacation

Our host shares what he recorded with the microphone he doesn’t know how to put down, from a friend’s wedding to travel ado.

Michelle and our host, Mike Pesca, in front of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

Photo by Ali

Listen to Episode 336 of Slate’s The Gist:

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On The Gist, Mike chats with the interesting attendees at his friend’s destination wedding in Montenegro. Our audio version of a wedding guestbook includes: John W. Frehse from Core Practice explains what millennials really want; Phil Hochberg remembers his days as an NFL  stadium announcer; Nadia Sood from Impact Investing Partners tells us about working as an election monitor in Nigeria; and David Mark of M-Changa shares what he learned from developing an app for Kenyan sex workers. For the Spiel, travel woes and a few words from Mike’s endlessly patient and loving girlfriend, Michelle.

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