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Excluding Black Jurors

A jury of whose peers? Dax-Devlon Ross returns to explore an issue of prosecutor digression.

Prosecutors struck every black prospective juror from the jury—likely to ensure they could send Timothy Tyrone Foster to death row.

The Supreme Court will soon rule on black juror exlusion—when prosecutors strike prospective black jurors from juries, as allegedly happened in the Timothy Tyrone Foster case.

Photo illustration by Slate. Document image by Southern Center for Human Rights, photo by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation via Reuters.

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On The Gist, how filmmaker Jennifer Nelson helped bring the birthday song back into the public domain. Plus, we welcome back Dax-Devlon Ross to discuss his research into black juror exclusion, one of the facets of the upcoming Supreme Court case Foster v. Humphrey. We first spoke with Dax-Devlon after he wrote about black jury exclusion in VQR last fall, and you can join Dax’s After Schools All-Stars on their World Trade Center climb fundraiser on Oct. 22, 2015. For the Spiel, as a general rule of thumb there’s something all Republicans hate: rules.

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