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GOP Candidates, Asked to Name Iconic American Women, Cite Foreigners and Their Relatives

Republican candidates at tonight’s presidential debate at the Reagan Library.

Sandy Huffaker/Getty

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked the 11 candidates in Wednesday night’s main-event Republican presidential debate which woman they would want to put on the $10 bill. In other words, “name any historically important female American.” Here are their answers:

  • Rand Paul: Susan B. Anthony.
  • Mike Huckabee: His wife.
  • Marco Rubio: Rosa Parks.
  • Ted Cruz: Rosa Parks (but on the $20; he’d keep Hamilton on the $10).
  • Ben Carson: His mother.
  • Donald Trump: His daughter or Rosa Parks.
  • Jeb Bush: Margaret Thatcher.
  • Scott Walker: Clara Barton.
  • Carly Fiorina: Wouldn’t change the bill.
  • John Kasich: Mother Theresa.
  • Chris Christie: Abigail Adams.


Forty-five percent of those people are not historically important female Americans.

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