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The Wednesday Slatest: Pope Party in the USA

The Pope and President Obama outside the White House on Wednesday morning.

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty

Hello, Slatest readers! Here’s what’s going on in the streets on Wednesday.

  • The pope is here! He gave personal greetings to members of a crowd that had waited for him early in the morning outside the “nunciature” where he’s staying in Washington D.C., then met President Obama at the White House. Then he gave a short speech that praised Obama’s policies on climate change but also made an obliquely critical reference to the Affordable Care Act’s “contraceptive mandate.”
  • Then he took the popemobile for a quick jaunt down the National Mall, stopping to receive a gift from an adorable five-year-old.
  • He also declined to answer a reporter’s question that sounded like it referred to “Negroes” but turned out to be about migrants.
  • And later today he’ll canonize an 18th-century Spanish missionary, a move that’s created some confusion and controversy.

In non-pope news:

Have a good day out there.