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Jeb Launches Major Attack on Trump for Being Afraid of Germs


As discussed Tuesday by Slate’s Josh Voorhees, Republican establishment presidential candidate Jeb “Jebbles” Bush* has decided that Donald Trump, once treated as a sideshow by Bush and the rest of the GOP 2016 field, is enough of a threat to attack directly. One of Bush’s instruments of attack is this quiz on his website, the gist of which is that Trump holds a number of liberal views and should not be supported by Republicans.

Screen shot/Jeb2016

That’s the gist of the first six questions, at least. The seventh question makes it personal:

Screen shot/Jeb2016

The Washington Post notes that Trump is indeed on the record as being a “clean hands freak.” Is someone who’s afraid of a little tiny germ really capable of getting tough on Putin or Chinese Putin or whoever? It’s up to Republican primary voters to decide.

*”Jebbles” is not actually Jeb Bush’s nickname.