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Donald Trump Answers Genius Troll’s Joe Flacco Question, Genius Troll Is Hero for All

This could be Donald Trump some day!

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Republican presidential poll leader and hero of racists everywhere, Donald Trump, did an AMA-style #AskTrump event on Twitter on Monday in which he answered the most critical questions of the political season. Just kidding! But while he did ignore more serious inquiries about the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, Trump did settle once and for all the debate that has wracked the souls of NFL fans for years: Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback, Trump reports. Not just that, “Joe Flacco is a very elite quarterback.”

Twitter user @HighSock_Sunday deserves much glory for putting pressure on Trump to answer the big questions in a way that CNN failed to do in last week’s debates. But the great @PFTCommenter also deserves a bit of credit for having brought this subject, normally relegated to smaller forums like sports radio chat shows and Baltimore Ravens message boards, to a wider political audience when he held up this sign on an MSNBC live feed before the first GOP debate in August.

Now that Flacco’s eliteness has been decided once and for all, though, it’s time for Trump rival Ben Carson to one-up Trump and settle an even more urgent debate: “Should Tom Coughlin be fired?”

Update, 2:55 p.m.: We realize now that answering the “Is Joe Flacco elite” questions is just one of the prerequisites for the job and apologize to Mr. Trump for even insinuating that his question selection might be suspect.