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Video: Employee of Right-Wing Hungarian TV Channel Trips, Kicks Refugees

From the video posted by Stephan Richter.

Screen shot/Twitter/Stephan Richter

“Hundreds” of refugees, including Syrians, escaped Tuesday from a camp near the Hungary-Serbia border, several outlets report. A German reporter taking video of the scene in the town of Roszke recorded a camerawoman tripping a man fleeing with a child:

The site posted video of the same woman kicking two other individuals. Here’s a still:

Screen shot/

The camerawoman has been identified by the Hungarian news site 444 as Petra László, an employee of the online N1 network. N1, which is run by the jingoistic/racist/anti-Semitic Jobbik political party, announced in a statement that the woman has been fired.

Hungary is obligated under European Union rules to hold and register all refugees that enter EU territory through its borders. Many such refugees are doing so by passing through Serbia, which is not a member state. Thousands of refugees are attempting, in many cases successfully, to escape detention in Hungary in order to seek the more accommodating political climate in Germany.