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Every ’90s Kid Will Relate to This Email Hillary Got From Her Chief of Staff

Hillary Clinton wearing sunglasses
Hillary Clinton wearing sunglasses in Cairo on July 15, 2012.

Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

The newest batch of emails that Hillary Clinton infamously sent and received on a private server while Secretary of State has just been released by the State Department. Some of these emails are humorous because they depict a very powerful/well-known person doing and talking about mundane things. (When the last bunch came out, Slate’s Jim Newell noted that the anthropological entertainment of reading a famous person’s emails might be the most interesting thing about the document dumps, which so far have not produced any breaking news/indications that Hillary did anything sinister on her private server.)

To wit, here’s a funny email that Hillary Clinton got.

Screenshot/State Department

It’s funny because people who are single and in college or in their 20s have been known to contact potential short-term romantic partners with whom they have had previous relations by texting them phrases like “U Awake?” or “Are you up?” late at night. The idea is that an affirmative response opens the possibility of further relations.

And thus this email between two high-level State Department officials, which in reality was probably sent because Cheryl Mills and Hillary Clinton were in different time zones but needed to urgently discuss, like, a Canadian fishing rights treaty, is funny because it resembles a “booty call” text that young people might send each other.