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What Donald Trump Is Going to Do About Student Debt, 9/11 Responders, and the Homeless

Donald Trump participated in a live-chat at Twitter’s New York City HQ on Monday, and his answers to the dozen questions he selected to address were… quite Trumpian.

Problems solved!

The rest of Trump’s answers were similar in their lack of specifics. “I will totally protect Israel,” he said in one. “I will immediately solve the problems we have with healthcare,” he promised in another.

This, of course, is a feature of Trump’s campaign, not a bug. The current GOP front-runner knows simplicity sells on the campaign trail. It’s why he launched his campaign with the see-how-easy promise of solving the nation’s immigration problems by building a wall the country wouldn’t even have to pay for. As he put it earlier this summer when pressed for policy specifics on a host of issues: “I think the press is more eager to see it than the voters, to be honest. I think the voters like me, they understand me, they know I’m going to do the job.”

The scary part? Trump’s not wrong. In a recent CNN poll of Iowa Republicans, for example, 57 percent of respondents said that when it comes to policy specifics, they trust their favorite candidate “to figure it out” once he’s in office, compared to only 41 percent who wanted to be clear up front where that candidate stood.