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Weird Family Destroyed by Sudden Nuclear Explosion in Incredible Anti-Iran-Deal Ad

Watch out!

Screen shot/YouTube

Here’s an ad put together by the Foundation for American Security & Freedom, a group founded by extremely hawkish former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton that apparently does not have enough money to afford regular actors, standard-quality nuclear-explosion sound effects, or a non-grainy video of Rand Paul talking.

As Deadspin’s Tom Ley points out, it’s strange that the dad is holding his son, who looks to be about 9 years old and is much too tall to comfortably sit on anyone’s lap. It’s also weird that the dad sits down for dinner literally eight seconds after getting home and that the only thing he ever says is “How was your day?”

When an unprovoked and tinny-sounding nuclear attack strikes U.S. soil, a 9-year-old boy becomes the only survivor in his family—shielded from the blast by his weirdly clingy father’s embrace. In the aftermath, he vows to seek revenge against libertarian foreign policy doves. How Was YOUR Day, Rand Paul? hits theaters this fall.