The Slatest

Watch Bears Throw a Summer Pool Party

What? Bear Pool Party

When? Tuesday, August 18th

Where? Rockaway Township, New Jersey

What to bring? Floaties

Most of us missed this end-of-summer fete with a mama black bear and her five cubs. But Tim Basso, his wife, and their children watched and recorded it from their house as the bears took full advantage of all the backyard amenities, from the swings to the slide, but most especially their pool.

The commentary from the family is almost as enjoyable as watching the bears frolic. Dad worries about the pool and if it’ll survive the bears’ fun. Mom understands that the bears just wanted a “nice, cool dip in the pool.” Their young daughters, ages 3 and 5, just can’t take it, lamenting repeatedly, “they took my floatie!”

(h/t: The Awl)