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West Virginia Man Caught Living With Deer in His House for a Year and That’s Not Exactly Legal

The deer will not be commenting.

West Virginia Natural Resources Police

West Virginia police nabbed this blurry-faced man recently because the local fuzz were tipped off that he had been keeping live deer in his home for more than a year. You are not allowed to keep a deer in your home for more than a year, or any amount of time, apparently. It’s against the law. It seems like you wouldn’t need a law to tell you how not to keep a deer in your house, but America’s a funny place sometimes. We like to push the envelope.

Let’s try to set aside the absurdity of the picture for a moment and concentrate on the facts of the case. You can have a caption contest with your friends on your own time. When police officers arrived at the man’s West Virginia home, they saw a deer standing in the middle of the house, according to the Washington Post. The man knew how this looked. “While [the officers] were interviewing the subject, they could hear the commotion in the back part of the house, and the man tried to explain it away as a dog,” a police spokesman told the Post. “He finally confessed it was a second buck.”

The spokesman said the inside of the house was covered in straw, soaked in urine, and blanketed in feces. Deer ownership is not as glamorous as it seems. The deer, which the man had raised since they were fawns thinking they were injured, were released back into the wild and the man was charged with two misdemeanors that carry a fine and possible jail time.