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The Simpsons Predicted 15 Years Ago That a Trump Administration Would End in Disaster

The above clip is from the show’s March 2000 episode “Bart to the Future,” in which Bart gets a glimpse of what his life will look like 30 years down the road. While 2030 doesn’t look so bright for him, Lisa has become the nation’s “first straight female president.” Though that too comes with a catch. “As you know we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump,” she says in the Oval Office.

“Remember when the last administration decided to invest in our nation’s children?” says Secretary Milhouse van Houten. “Big mistake.” Not only did Trump’s Balanced Breakfast and Midnight Basketball programs bankrupt the country, they also combined to create a “generation of ultra-strong supercriminals” who can “function without sleep.” The good news about the Simpsons’ darkest timeline? If President Trump left office in 2030, he most likely didn’t win in 2016.

(Credit where credit’s due: Reddit by way of The Fix’s Chris Cillizza.)