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The Last of Boston’s Record-Setting Snowfall Finally Melts Away… in Mid-July.

The last Boston “snow farm.”

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The winter’s chokehold on the city of Boston is now, officially, a thing of the past. Winter is obviously long gone, but the last of the city’s record-setting snowfall officially melted away on Tuesday. And by “official,” I mean the mayor said enough is enough and everyone is now moving on with their lives.

The city was blasted this winter and buried under an epic 110 inches of snow. The city struggled to keep streets clear and the city open for business. Where do you put tons of snow? Well, the city created nearly a dozen so-called “snow farms” at strategic out-of-the-way locations, the biggest of which grew over 75 feet high during the height of winter. Unsurprisingly, this particular farm of snow, which morphed during the spring and summer into a gray hairball of a snow mound, was the last to melt.

The trash that was scooped up along the way coupled with the lack of rain this spring helped embalm the mountain of snow. Or as the New York Times called it: “an ice-encased, cinder-encrusted mound of snow laced with urban flotsam and jetsam, from candy wrappers to fire hydrants.”