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Here Are the Key Moments of the Sandra Bland Dashcam Arrest Video

The Texas Department of Public Safety on Tuesday evening released the dashcam footage of the July 10th arrest of Sandra Bland. Knowing that Bland, a black woman from Illinois who has just relocated to Texas, is found dead in her jail cell three days later makes the video particularly haunting. The video does not shed any new light on why or how Bland died while in custody. The Waller County authorities have declared Bland’s death a suicide.

The posted arrest video plays out over nearly an hour. Here we’ve condensed the dashcam footage starting with Texas Department of Public Safety trooper Brian Encinia pulling Bland over. Encinia has been placed on administrative duty since the arrest.

Correction, July 22, 2015: This post originally stated trooper Brian Encinia was placed on administrative leave following the death of Sandra Bland; Encinia was placed on administrative duty.