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Metrics of Purity at Truth Mountain

Hillary Clinton’s literal lassoing of the media and how the GOP can’t help but “tell it like it is.”

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PFA is your inside look at the giant disco party that is a presidential campaign cycle. Your hosts are Mark Leibovich, national correspondent for New York Times Magazine; Annie Lowrey of New York magazine; and Alex Wagner of MSNBC’s Now With Alex Wagner.

This week, a look at Hillary Clinton’s literal lassoing of the press over the weekend. And, related, some questions: Is the media just guilty of making everything about their struggles and challenges? Are the headlines becoming more of a media complaint-session than a reflection of actual news? Finally, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, and the posse of GOP hopefuls who promise, if we’d only stop and listen a moment, that they’re the only one to “tell it like it is.”

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*Correction, July 9, 2015: This page originally linked to Episode 7 of Podcast for America. The links and embedded player now correctly link to Episode 8.